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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The many names of Lesetta Mincemeyer Kleager

Lesetta Mincemeyer Kleager was married to Joseph Kleager (the son, born in 1850).

I have seen her given name spelled the following ways:
   Lesette (marriage license)
   Lesetta (death certificate)
   Luessetta (son Frank's wedding announcement)
   Yetta (son Frank's obituary)
   Lizzie (1900 Census)
   Lisette (obituary of her mother)
   Lisetta (1880 Census)
   Lizetta (1870 Census)
   Lizette (parish records)

I have seen her maiden name spelled:
   Mincemeyer (death certificate)
   Minzemeyer (church records)
   Munzenmair (1870 Census)
   Mincameger (1880 Census)
   Menzimeyer (marriage certificate).

Apparently spelling was phonetic!

This picture is of Lesetta in front of the farm house she and Joseph raised their family in.  This is the same house the family picture was in front of.  I like the porch - some decorative touches!

My grandmother, "Eleanor" Sophie Drewel Kleager Wiese wrote on the top of the picture in her later years: "Grandma Kleager's house".

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