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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

August Kleager in the newspapers

August Kleager was my great-great uncle, the half brother of my great-great grandfather, Joseph Kleager.  "Gus" was born in 1858, and about 1878 married Laura Arnold (born 1861).

The first newspaper entry I have might be construed as bad press for August's ability as a well-digger: 
                      July 3, 1903 - “Die Washingtoner Post”  - “Japan News”
"August Klaeger, Japan, will work with Alonze Rechter at well drilling.  The work at George Jost's past year was unsuccessful”

Apparently, Laura was quite sick for several years, and that frustrating illness had an unfortunate consequence.  Poor woman!

June 8, 1916 - “News”
“Dr. Keiffer of St. Louis was called here Sunday in consultation with Dr. Dunigan in the case of Mrs. August Kleager of Japan who has been here three or four weeks at the home of Mrs. Eliza Landing, under the doctor’s care.  She has been confined to her bed most of the time for the past thirteen months.”
July 13, 1916 - “News”
“Mrs. Gus Kleager who has been in Sullivan for medical treatment for several months was taken to a hospital in St. Louis Wednesday.”
August 17, 1916 - “News”
"August Kleager of Japan went to St. Louis Satruday, returning Monday, to see his wife who is in a hospital there.  She underwent a surgical operation about two weeks ago for abcesses of the abdomen, and is now doing well.  They expect her to be able to come home in about four more weeks.”
Jan 9, 1919 - unknown paper
“Mrs. Kleager, wife of a farmer near Bourbon committed suicide by shooting Monday.  She had been an invalid for about eight years.  She left a note stating she was tired of suffering.
Jan 9, 1919 - “News” 
“Mrs. August Kleager (nee Laura Arnold) living on the Little Bourboise River about ten miles west of Sullivan, committed suicide Monday afternoon by shooting herself in the head with a shot gun.  She had been in poor health for the last four or five years and stayed in Sullivan a while for medical treatment and later was in a hospital in St. Louis.  She is survived by her husband and four children: Joe, of St. Louis; Henry, living at Japan; Mrs Lena Williams of Oklahoma; and Adolphus, recently home from Nebraska.  All are married except Henry.  Funeral services were held Wednesday and burial made in Japan Cemetery.  Service conducted by John Hethcock.”

The last articles are about August's death.  Note the discrepancy in his reported age, and use that as a guide to not take every newspaper article as absolute truth!  In fact, they were both wrong, as he was 67 at the time of his passing.
Aug 20th, 1925 -  “News”
“August Kleager, Japan, died Aug 11, 1925 in St. Mary’s Hospital St. Louis.  Age 72 years, J.F. Hethcock conducted the funeral.”
Aug 21, 1925 - “Tribune”
“August Kleager, Japan, was born at Beaufort and died in a St. Louis hospital Aug 11,1925, after an operation.  Age 65 years.”

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