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Monday, February 7, 2011

Joseph & Lesetta (Mincemeyer) Kleager Family in the Newspapers

At the Four Rivers Genealogical Society in Washington, Franklin County, Missouri there is a collection of about 100,000 papers called "The Kiel File".  A Mr. Kiel spent about 25 or more years clipping articles out of all the area newspapers and putting them in some sort of files.  I sent off a fee to have the file searched for any articles containing the name "Kleager" or similar.

For Joseph Kleager (born 1850), my great grandfather, there were these entries:
(The comments that are italicized are my additions)

In a newspaper unknown, in a “looking back” section:
“Joe Kleager was building the finest house in Boone township according to the report of D. H. Grob.  (note: I don't know if the Grobs are related, but the name shows up several times in the following paragraphs). As seen in the previous blog post, the house is quite elaborate -  note the scroll work detail around the entrance.
July 1, 1875 - “Frank County Record”
“Joseph Klaeger, and Miss Lazetta Menzenmeier, both of Franklin Co., were married Thursday June 24, 1875 by Rev Father Brown.”

(28 years later ....)
July 3, 1908 - “Tribune”
“About seventy people gathered at the home of Joseph Kleager, Sr., to celebrate his fifty-eighth birthday.  The day was pleasantly spent in playing various games.  A sumptuous dinner was served to which all did ample justice.  May Uncle Joe and his estimable wife enjoy many more such festivities.”
Sept 5th, 1913 - “Tribune”
“Most everybody from here attended the Sullivan Tri-County fair.  Jos. Kleager, Sr., won the blue ribbon on his fine Durham bull, and he also got the blue on his thoroughbred mule, including the blue ribbon and sweepstakes.”
1915 - “Tribune” Leslie Route 2
“Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kleager and Mrs. Charles Sholtz (Matilda Mincemeyer, Lesetta’s sister) left Monday for Carroll, Iowa, to spend some time with the latter’s sister, Mrs. Louis Blaue (Annie Mincemeyer, another sister).”
March 10, 1916 - “News” Japan Items
“Joseph Kleager died suddenly at his home near Japan March 4th.  He was about 66 years old.  The burial was Monday in the Catholic Cemetery at Japan.”
March 16, 1916 - “News”
“Card of Thanks.  We desire to thank all those who kindly assisted us at the time of the sudden death of our dear husband and father.  Mrs S. Kleager and children”.
May 14, 1917 - 
“Final Settlement Notice.  Notice is hereby given to all creditors and others interested in the estate of JOSEPH KLEAGER, deceased, that the undersigned administratrix of said estate, intends to make final settlement thereof at the next term of the probate court in Franklin County, Missouri, to be held in the probate court room in the court house at Union, Beginning on Monday, May 14, 1917.  LESETTA KLEAGER, Administratrix.”
Feb 5, 1919 - “Tribune” Argo District No. 107
“Mrs Jos. Klaeger and daughter, Mrs Underwood and grandmother Grob and uncle, John H. Grob), all met at the home of Mrs. L. E. Strothkamp while her husband and son are in Nebraska. (Strothkamps are cousins of the Kleagers)  Most of them enjoyed corn shucking and the afternoon was spent with Mrs. Strothkamp and the children.
The past week was a busy time with uncle John Grob while he did some repair work on his house.  The good neighbors came to help him with the work.  Help also came to help get the usual meal.  He feels very thankful to his kind neighbors for their assistance.
Wm T. Mitchell of Strain is putting up a neat little house for his car which he bought from Williams and Schaeffer.
There was a pie supper and entertainment at Argo School house on Wednesday of last week.  The program of the evening was fine.  The teacher and pupils all did well.  There were many boxes with pies in them and H. E. Allison acted as auctioneer for them.  A Box of candy made by the teacher, Miss Rethmeyer, brought $15.00.  Miss Martha bell received the box of candy since she received more otes than any other person.  Quite a few from Sullivan were here to enjoy the evening.  Some were here from Gasconade county.  It is estimated that 250 people were present at the entertainment.
Next Saturday the patrons will repair the telephone line from Japan to Oak Hill and other lines will better their service by doing repair work.
Some of our neighbors are doing road work this week.  The road sure needs it.
     Word reached us today that L. E. Strothkamp was coming home  after next week and that his brother, Wm. F., and family are coming home with them.”
Dec 17, 1920 “News” - 
“Mrs. L. Klaeger and son, Otto, and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Stelzer were in Union Wednesday on business and pleasure.  These good people live in the Elmont neighborhood.”

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