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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More about the "Kiel File"

I sent the last post about the Kiel File at the Four Rivers Genealogical Society (in the Ralph Gregory Research Library) to the Washington (Mo) HIstorical Society Museum Director, Marc Houseman.  He sent me a reply that tells more about "The Kiel File":

Hi Clytee,

My only suggested change; Kiel actually spent closer to 40 years on his collection, the best we can tell.  That may sound more impressive than 25?  Also, the files contain more than just newspaper clippings, although the bulk of the collection is just that.  There are also hundreds of original letters to and from Franklin Countians, correspondence with school teachers, politicians, newspaper editors and others who had a knowledge of local history and contemporary happenings.  Kiel also tracked down hundreds of veteran’s records and even lists of prisoners and paupers and lots of other fun stuff. 

Hope that helps,


I would love to see this file and poke around in it!  Maybe I will get to some day soon!

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