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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

John Christian Menzemeier

My great grandmother, Lusetta Mincemeyer (who married Joseph Kleager and had my grandfather Frank August Kleager), was the daughter of John Christian Mincemeyer and Anna Kubli Mincemeyer.  They were also Swiss, as were the Kleagers.

This is an image of the 1876 Missouri State Census for Township 42, Range 2 west, Franklin County, Missouri, that includes the John Christian Menzemeier family. This census does not list family member names, the purpose of this census seems more to be an evaluation of agricultural production than population.

Nine rows up from the bottom, it lists #559 John Christian Menzemeier.  In the household there are: 2 males age 10-18, 1 male age 18-21, 1 male over age 45, 2 females under age 10, 1 female age 10-18, and 1 female age 21 to 45.  There are 6 in the household who can read or write.

Then we get to what he has on the farm:  3 horses, 4 cattle, 2 sheep, 5 hogs, 138 bushels of wheat, 100 bushels of corn, 100 bushels of oats, 6 bushels of rye, 1 ton of hay.

I enjoy what he doesn't have: no mules ("Jacks" or "Jennys"), no barley, no tobacco, no wool, no sugar, no tons of hemp, no gallons of whiskey, no gallons of wine, and no gallons of molasses!

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