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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bernhard Klaeger

Bernhard Klager was my great-great uncle.

He was the half brother of my great-great grandfather Joseph Kleager (born 1850).  My great-great grandfather, Joseph, was the son of Joseph M. Klager (born about 1816) and Elizabeth Jane Jenny.

Elizabeth died in 1856, leaving children Joseph (about 6) and William (about 4).  Joseph M. remarried quickly, in Jan. 1857, to a Josephine Klaeger.  I think this Josephine Klaeger was a cousin of Joseph M., but I can't figure out how.

Joseph M. and Josephine had: August in 1858, Terese in 1859, Crescentia (Katenza) in 1861, Paulina Clementina in 1864, and Bernhard in 1866.

Continuing on with the mention of Kleager's in the newspapers around Franklin County, Missouri, there was a sad one in the Kiel File under "Abnormal Deaths".

It was a hand written translation (by Mr. Kiel, I assume) of a German Language Newspaper in Washington, Missouri called "Die Washingtoner Post":

July 8th, 1880  
“Bernhard Klager, was drowned Friday evening July 2, 1880 in the Missouri River.  He was watering a horse which lost it’s footing and got away and a large dog also hitched to a line pulled the boy into the River.  He was a bright lad of 14 years, much beloved, the son of J Klaeger, Port Hudson.  The body was not found.”

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