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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Joseph Kleager's children went to school at Argo School.  Argo was one an a half miles southeast of the farm.  Argo is a little area in the southwest corner of Franklin County, Missouri very near the lines of Crawford and Gasconade counties. It was basically a school, church.  It was also the location of Post Office for seven different periods between 1849 and 1906.

Joseph's son, my Uncle George told me he attended Argo School for 8 years (about 1900 to 1908), and went back for one more year after 8th grade graduation.

This is a postcard my Grandmother "Eleanor" Sophie Kleager Wiese had.  She has written on the back later in life that Frank and his brother Otto are both in this picture.  Otto is 2 years younger than Frank.  I don't know which ones they are.  Which two look like brothers?  Which two look like Kleagers?

I'm guessing this picture was taken around 1910 give or take a couple of years.

There is a banner in front of the two girls in dark dresses that says "Argo".  The banner seems to be attached to the girls, as they are not holding it.

On the table are piles of ears of field corn.  I would like to know more about this picture.  Was there a judging of the corn?  Did they take the corn to a competition, or did a judge come to their school?  Is the picture in front of the school or at a fair of some sort?  There are 10 piles of corn, and 13 kids, probably one pile per family.

Most of the students are dressed up, except for the poor guys on the far right and the fifth guy from the left in the back who came in their coveralls.

I like the guy third from the left in front, with his hands in his pockets and his striped pants.  He is the only one with a vest.

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  1. There are only three girls!

    The poor kid on the right in coveralls...look at his feet! It looks as if his whole outfit is borrowed. Surely his feet aren't that size...