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Friday, January 28, 2011

Joseph Kleager Picture

I ran this picture in the last post, but in this post I want to enlarge one area of the photo.

It is the only picture of Joseph Kleager that I am aware of.  His build is very familiar to me, as it is my father's build, and mine!!  "Sturdy", as I like to think of myself.

This picture was probably take around 1898.  Boys were not dressed in pants until about age 4 or 5, hence the "dress" on the younger boy, whom I think is my grandfather, Frank.  I wonder if that is lace on the shirt sleeve cuffs.

Notice the short pants and boots on the older boy, Edward, and the large collar on his shirt.  Is there a scarf or tie around his neck?

The yard is not "mown" as is usually the custom now, and looks like it is a mixture of grasses and flowering plants.  The rain gutter system on the house is quite elaborate and makes me wonder if the rain water was collected somehow.

If you look carefully beside Joseph's right elbow, there is a black dog with a partially white face looking toward the camera.  Between his left hand and Edward's right elbow is the hind quarters of another dog, this one white.  There is also a board lined hole by Joseph's right hand that I'm thinking is the entrance to the cellar under the house.

Interesting stuff, huh?

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