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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Joseph & Lesetta (Mincemeyer) Kleager Family

   This is a picture of which I have half in my possession.  My grandmother, Sophie "Eleanor" Kleager Wiese had it and had written on it.
   This was taken in front of the family farm home, which was one and a half miles northwest of Argo, Franklin County, Missouri.

   All eight of the Kleager children were born on the farm:
     Joseph William Kleager 1878
     Anna Caroline Kleager 1881
     Josephine Kleager  1884
     Dora C. Kleager 1885 (died in 1887)
     Edward Louis Kleager 1888
     George Jacob Kleager  1894
     Frank August Kleager  1896
     Otto Joseph Kleagaer 1898

   What year this picture is taken depends on who is the baby in the high chair.  If the baby is Frank, the others would be the following (and their approximate age):

Joseph (age 46), Edward Louis (age 9), George Jacob (age 3), Joseph William, (age 19), Lesetta (age 38), and Frank August (age 1).  The other half of the picture would probably include the rest of the family, who would be Anna Caroline (age 16), Josephine Caroline (age 13).

If the baby is the youngest, Otto Joseph, born 1898, then the picture would be taken about 1899, and the young boy standing in the front would be Frank August (age 3).  The older boy by him would be still be Edward (who would be about 11).  My grandmother had labeled the pre-teen boy as Edward.  If that was the case, the other half of the picture would have to include George as an about 5 year old.

Mysteries, mysteries!

On the back is written "maybe LaRue has the other half".  LaRue would be the Otto's daughter, LaRue Kleager Bryant.  I would sure love to find the other half!

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