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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The "Other" Joseph Kleager

Wait, I wasn't done with Joseph Kleager's in Franklin County, Missouri.  There is one more!
This confused me (and others) for years, and was not sorted out until I found a land transaction record where Joseph Klaeger sold land to Joseph M. Klaeger (my Joseph Kleager) in 1865.  Aha ... there are two!

"My" Joseph:
     Sometimes has middle initial of M., and one record had a middle name Mangus.
     Cannot read or write and marks documents with an "X".
     Served in the Army during the War with Mexico from 1847-1848.
     Lived on owned land near Port Hudson, Franklin County, Missouri in 1850 - may have received the        land as bounty land from serving in the Army.  I can't prove that yet.
     Married Elizabeth Jenny in 1850 (she died around 1856), had 2 children: Joseph and William.
     Married Josephine Klaeger in 1857, had 5 children: August "Gus", Terese, Crescentia "Katenza", Paulina Clementina and Bernhard.
"The Other" Joseph:
     Sometimes has middle initial of J.
     Can read and write and sign his name.  In 1875 he was a Justice of the Peace in Franklin County.
     Married Maria Barbara Nier in 1864, had  children Josephine, John Joseph, Joseph Anthony, Mary Angelina, Edward Joseph, Herman Adolph, Amelia Mollie.
     Moved from Franklin County to Arkansas around 1869.
I am convinced that the two Joseph's were somehow related, but I haven't figured out how yet.  I am sort of assuming cousins, and maybe this Joseph was the brother of the Josephine Klaeger that "my" Joseph married.

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