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Monday, December 13, 2010

Frank and Sophie Get Married

My reference and starting point for all the people I want to tell about on this blog are my grandparents, Frank August Kleager and Ella Elizabeth Sophia "Eleanor" Drewel.

This is the wedding picture Frank August Kleager and Sophie Drewel, married 14 Feb 1917.

He was 20, she was 22.

I have a newspaper clipping that describes the wedding day.  I don't know what newspaper it's from - somewhere around Franklin County, Missouri - but it was written by "A Friend" and provides an insight into the events:


   "A pretty wedding took place at the home of Louis Drewel last Wednesday afternoon, February 14, at 2 o'clock, when Miss Eleanor Drewel became the wife of Frank A. Kleager of Japan, Missouri.  Squire F. W. Wenkel spoke the solemn words that bound the two hearts as one.  Miss Irene Heinberg, cousin of the bride, was bridesmaid and Otto Kleager, brother of the groom, was groomsman.
   The bride was gowned in ivory white chiffon taffeta, draped with silk shadow lace, and she wore a white silk embroidered veil with an orange blossom wreath and ivory white satin beaded slippers.  The bridesmaid was dressed in white silk net, trimmed in pink satin ribbon, white satin slippers, and wore pink carnations.
   The bride is the accomplished daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Drewel.  She was born in Lyon township, Beaufort, but came to Boone township with her parents when a little girl and here she had grown to womanhood and has always been a favorite among a large circle of acquaintances.  The groom is a progressive young farmer.  He is a son of Mrs. Luessetta Kleager of Japan.
   At four o'clock an appetizing supper was served at which relatives and immediate friends took part.  In the evening the parties went to Champion City and had an old-time wedding dance in the B.A.Y. hall.  Here refreshments were served at which all did justice.
   The happy young couple have the best of wishes of a host of friends for a long and prosperous married life.  Mr. and Mrs. Kleager will depart for their home in Nebraska where they will make their future home.
                    A FRIEND"


  1. This is interesting, in that I am descended from a German Wenkel family. May I include this post in my own Wenkel blog?
    Thank you in advance.

  2. Frank and Sophie had an amazing day. I liked this black and white photo. Truly the photos are great way to cherish old moments. At one of the Los Angeles venues we will have country wedding so have already hired one of the best wedding photographer and videographer to cover all our events.