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Monday, December 6, 2010

Joseph Kleager(s)

My starting point is my grandfather, Frank August Kleager born in Franklin County, Missouri in 1896.

His father is Joseph Kleager - the genealogy problem with that is that there are many Joseph Kleagers in Franklin County, Missouri around that time.

Frank's father was Joseph Kleager born 28 July 1850 in Port Hudson, Missouri and died 6 March 1916 at his home on his farm near Argo, Missouri.  He married Luessetta Mincemeyer in 1875, and they had 8 children including my grandfather Frank August, and a son named Joseph William Kleager (1878-1963).

Frank's grandfather is Joseph M. Klaeger, father of the 1850 Joseph.  He was born about 1815 in Switzerland, died 1885 in Franklin County, Missouri.  Joseph M. had another son August "Gus" - who had a son in 1881 named - you guessed it - Joseph Kleager!  He died in 1952 in St. Louis.

There is another Joseph Kleger in the St. Francis Borgia Catholic Church records in Washington, Franklin County, who died 1856 at age 60 and was married to Catharina Barbara Glauss.  He may be Joseph M.'s father (so Frank's great grandfather), but I haven't established that yet.

Sophie Drewel Kleager with her 5 boys.  This was probably shortly after  her husband's death.  Can you imagine being a widow with 5 boys under the age 11 in 1929?

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