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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Goals of this Blog and Welcome!


I am going to send this blog to Kleager relatives that are interested in receiving it.  I hope to make periodic posts of interesting things I have found or am finding about the Kleager family.  Plans are to include scanned documents relating to the family, pictures, and interesting tidbits.  I've been searching for a way to share those.

I won't write about living Kleagers, I am starting with my grandfather Frank August Kleager and his wife Ella Elizabeth "Eleanor" Sophia Drewel, and telling about them and working "backwards" from there.

I want to make each post to be quick and interesting.

I will e-mail each post to a list of relatives who are interested.  That way you don't have to look for the blog to see if there are new posts, I will e-mail a new post to you.

I am sending this first one to all who I think might be interested.  If you are not interested in receiving more, please reply and tell me so and I will take you off the list! If you know of a relative who might like to get these, please forward this on to them or tell me their address.

Also, if you have information to add, or have a picture that could relate, or are a long lost cousin who could help fill in the gaps, please comment or reply or e-mail me!

Here's a teaser to start with:
   This is both sides of a post card sent to Miss Sophia Drewel (who eventually married Frank August Kleager) when she was living with her parents at Leslie, Missouri.  "Guess who  Remember me sometimes when you are all alone"  Who has signed it?  Dan? Don?  And which guy is he in the picture?

Interesting stuff, huh?


  1. I love that it was ok to just put a name, state, and city. "Just find Sophia, in Leslie Missouri, okay? Thanks!"

  2. are very tech savvy!