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Friday, June 10, 2011

A Klager Coat of Arms!!

     A Paul Klager of Connecticut contacted me that he found this blog on the web.  He has been very gracious in e-mail exchanges with me.  He has a Coat of Arms that has been passed down from  first born son to first born son for centuries.  He is the current first born son, and in possession of this document that he scanned for me.

   This Coat of Arms was issued to Peter Klager, who was a Prussian Major. Paul Klager wrote that the translation of the inscription on the bottom is:

Mr. Klager, Peter, Prussian Major
born on 11th February 1460
From the large coat of arms collection of the Citizen
and Royal and Imperial court Landscape and coat of arms
painter Joseph Stien in Vienne in suburg
Kingerstrassen in #1009

From page 108

Here it is!

   Paul Klager, the person who has this, says that his great-grandfather, Jacob Albert Klaeger, was born in Ruschlikon, Switzerland on March 29, 1890, and immigrated to the Canada, and eventually to the New York City area.

   Ruschlikon, Switzerland is only 20 miles from Benken, Switzerland, where I believe our Kleager ancestors are from!!  There has to be a connection, if it can just be found.  So, somehow, I believe we are related to this Peter Klager.

   Here is my poor attempt at another image with different contrast:

      My brother has bugged me about finding a "family crest" for years, and I never thought there was such a thing.  Having this blog is paying off - I am making connections with more and more Kleagers/Klaegers/Klagers, and learning more all the time.  I will keep working at trying to figure out relationships.  This is exciting stuff.  Thanks, Paul!

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