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Monday, April 25, 2011

Lesetta Mincemeyer Kleager

Lesetta Mincemeyer was the daughter of John Christian Mincemeyer and Anna Kubli.  
Lesetta was the 4th of 10 children, all of which were born in Missouri:

Caroline Mincemeyer (1855-1878)
Christine Mincemeyer (abt 1856-?)
John C. Mincemeyer (1857-1933)
Lesetta Mincemeyer (1859-1943)
Annie Mincemeyer (1860-1940)
Henry Gotfried Minemeyer (1862-1947)
Edward H. Mincemeyer (1865-1947)
Veronica (Feronia) Mincemeyer (abt 1867-?)
Matilda Mincemeyer (abt 1870-?)
Herman Mincemeyer (1877-1957)

Lesetta, date unknown.

This picture is from Ron Bryant, Otto Kleager's grandson.  He says the child with Lesetta may be a great-granddaughter, Charlene, who was her son Joseph William Kleager's grand daughter.  She must have been dressed up for some occasion, this dress is much fancier than the one above!

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